Omar Amorín Quispe, Alberto Bueno Ramón Osorio, Eusterio Oré Gutierrez

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.2979-2989

The study shows an analysis of the adoption and implementation of the premises of the megatrend of modernization regarding public management in public entities in Peru, which has been carried out gradually, but without neglecting to mention that this process has been rejected by a large part of public servants. due to the lack of knowledge, they have on the subject and/or induced by power groups in their eagerness to maintain their status quo, among other motivations; In addition, the study shows that modernization of public management is positively and significantly related to the work performance of public servants, through the analysis of the documents used in the development of the study. In the methodological aspect, information collected through review and scientific articles, theses, texts and other documents was used. The study was carried out to contribute to the elevation of the level of work performance of public servants and consequently also to the level of quality of life achieved by citizens.

Pág 2979-2989, 01 Dec