Carlos Guzmán Huaraca Carhuaricra, Sabina Marlene Ordoya Bellido, Ingrid Consuelo Rivera Ramón, Natalia Mabel Melgarejo Cabello, Isabel Lorena Li Parra

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.3106-3123

Advanced practice nursing or advanced practice nursing (APN) is one of the most relevant achievements in the nursing profession in the 20th century, although it had its beginnings of development in the US, Europe is not far behind. The present study is focused on identifying the main opportunities and roles of the EPA, the study had the objective of analyzing the scientific production of various scientific studies from around the world, retrieved from the search platforms Proquest, WOS, Scielo, Scopus, considering the global context, during the years 2012 until 2023; To carry out the review study, a descriptive bibliographic compilation was made using the qualitative method, considering that 94 different investigations were studied in terms of their content, different continent and diverse temporality, highlighting the findings obtained that are the subject of study and taking Considering the studies with the greatest number of studies, these showed that EPA reduces readmissions and hospitalizations of patients with chronic diseases, improves patient, family and caregiver satisfaction, has direct effects on the care of chronic wounds, provides a economic balance of impact, improves quality of life, generates opportunities for user accessibility to the health system.

Pág 3106-3123, 11 Dec