Mixci Edith Cayaca Díaz, Jessica Massiel Tafur Sánchez

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.3131-3139

The objective of this research article was to understand the development of the strategic axes of public policies for a subsequent application in the occupational safety and health of the IPRESS of Lambayeque. The methodology was quantitative approach, bibliographic type, using as primary information bases data from Redalyc, ScienceDirect and Proquest from where 90 articles were extracted, within which 32 articles were selected under the criteria of being no older than 5 years. The results from the articles reviewed allowed to reach a conclusion that the axes of public policies are composed by Digital Government, Open Government, Electronic Government and Interinstitutional Articulation. Where these seek to reduce the necessary resources, involve citizens in decision making, increase transparency and strengthen confidence in institutions such as IPRESS. This will allow the IPRESS to provide relevant and timely information for the effective use of resources to support safety and health in the workplace.

Pág 3131-3139, 11 Dec