Amelia Dalia Toralva Mejia, Gerardo Francisco Ludeña González, Yolanda Maribel Mercedes Chipana Fernández, Nilton Isaías Cueva Quezada

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.3335-3344

The aim of this systematic review article was to identify and analyse the violation of the best interests of the child and its impact on the life project of the child supporter. The methodology used in the article was a literature review, an exhaustive search was carried out in the SCOPUS database, with a focus on the last five years. Key terms such as “Principle of the Best Interests of the Child”, “Life Project”, “Damage to the Life Project” and “Child Support” were used. The results show that the delay or non-compliance with alimony is an act that violates the rights of the child, it is the responsibility of the state to comply with it. It is concluded that the principle of the Best Interests of the Child is fundamental to guarantee the rights of minors. The right to food is internationally recognized and must be complied with as a matter of priority. This right covers all basic needs of children, including education, housing and recreation. Equality between children born out of wedlock and out of wedlock is protected by the Constitution and parents have a responsibility to provide the necessary support. Failure to pay alimony puts children’s development and life projects at risk.

Pág 3335-3344, 27 Dec