Sally Linares Rodriguez

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.3385-3391

The task of educational institutions in the face of inclusive education is arduous, however, there is one aspect that must be considered to address this issue and thus reject all forms of exclusive education; in which positive changes are required in the management systems so that they are far-reaching towards more equitable and democratic school results, study plans, teaching, centers and teachers. The objective of this article was to help each of the members of the educational staff to expand their perception of the meaning of inclusive education through the implementation of appropriate management systems for educational institutions. The different similarities between concepts on inclusive education, integration, among others, will be examined and analyzed, and thus may be the key necessary for the academic society to become inclusive. Attention is directed to a critical analysis of the performance of teachers in recent years, thus ensuring that diverse educational environments are promoted. Considering that qualitative methodologies were used in the information obtained. Concluding that a correct management system within inclusive education and the actions of teachers, affect the level of education that students receive and the school environment in which they are.

Pág 3385-3391, 28 Dec