Geoffrey Wigberto Salas Delgado, Tomás Angel Carrasco Manriquez

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.3500-3506

The research was oriented towards the use of the BIM 5D methodology to evaluate its impact on cost management in the design phase of an infrastructure project, as applied research, of pre-experimental design, refraining from developing an interface as results. for the interconnection of Revit to Excel, as well as another interface for Revit, Excel to S10, with which a comparison of time and cost indicators has been established between the traditional procedure of measurements and costs that appear in the project file of infrastructure taken as a reference, with the automated process of the BIM methodology of the same project; These procedures led to the conclusion that the application of the BIM 5D methodology. With the use of interfaces to access cost information with Excel and S10, it has a favorable and significant impact on the cost management of an infrastructure project, observing that there is a reduction in the metered figures, as well as the costs for each sub item, which ultimately resulted in a reduction of the total budget of the work.

Pág 3500-3506, 31 Dec