Kety Maricela Saldaña Cubas

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.3449-3456

Heritage, to be formally recognized by national and/or international entities, is based on a scale of values of history, aesthetics, technology, etc. It is expected, from this record, that it will help strengthen the cultural identity in each region, the survival of which is viable when those involved work linked and in continuous communication; We cannot discuss heritage if the vital actors are unaware of the value of heritage. From this context, a research proposal was developed whose main objective was to investigate and identify authors and what applications they make on heritage values and social actors through theoretical research. The focus of the study that was carried out is qualitative, the theoretical positions on the significance of heritage, and the values that it achieves among groups of institutions and citizens, finally it was concluded that the heritage object has potential as an instrument to keep the past alive in collective memory to be valued and preserved.

Pág 3449-3456, 30 Dec