Alex Martin Saucedo Uriarte

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.3561-3570

Musical identity is a topic of growing interest in recent years, since music plays a fundamental role in the formation of the individual and collective identity of human beings. This article aims to examine current trends in the study of musical identity using a bibliometric approach. To achieve this, an exhaustive review of the academic literature was carried out in the Scopus databases, considering articles published from 1982 to 2023, which reflects contemporary trends and studies in various countries regarding musical identity, with a total of 150 articles analyzed. Musical identity is a constantly evolving research topic that addresses the relationship between music and personal and cultural identity. The study of this variable provides a deeper understanding of how music can influence the construction and expression of identity, as well as its impact on different dimensions of identity, such as ethnic, gender and generational.

Pág 3561-3570, 31 Dec