Wilmer Erles Chuquicahua Dávila, Jannet Sofía Irigoyen Muñoz, Rafael Antonio Guerrero Delgado

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.3902-3913

In a globalized and modern world, all organizations, especially government ones, have been experiencing very significant changes, driven by the process of modernization of public management, with the purpose of efficiently leading the changes within the management process; the implementation of the state policy of modernization of public administration, whose vision is to build a modern, efficient, unified, decentralized, inclusive and open State. The digital transformation in public management, characterized by the introduction and adaptation of information technologies, plays a leading role in the efficiency of government and interaction with citizens. In this sense, the present Systematic Literature Review-RSL aims to rigorously analyze the impact, challenges and opportunities of digital transformation in the public management of government entities, using the PICO strategy in the Scopus database. and applying the PRISMA approach, analyzing studies related to technical competencies in public management and their impact on digital transformation. This research examined scientific articles published in Scopus databases; Including thirty-four articles published in the last ten years based on criteria of relevance to the topic analyzed.

Pág 3902-3913, 31 Dec