Gressy Thalia Guevara Meléndez, José Manuel Delgado Bardales

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.3687-3692

The objective of this scientific literature review article was to determine if educational management could strengthen teaching-learning in an Educational Institution. Basic type research, systematic review, developed with a descriptive non-experimental design with a qualitative approach. The population and sample were made up of 17 studies related to the objective of the study. The technique applied to data collection was documentary analysis. The results showed that educational management is characterized by being regular according to the studies analyzed. Also, the teaching-learning process in the institutions assumes a medium level for now. It was concluded that educational management could strengthen teaching-learning in Educational Institutions. This after several of the studies analyzed found results that would indicate that the preposition said is true.

Pág 3687-3692, 31 Dec