Yoselyn Poquioma Urquia, Yaneyra Raquel Montalvo Alvarado, Gisela Poquioma Urquía

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.3586-3592

The objective of this research was to publicize family violence committed against high school students of an educational institution in the constitutional province of Callao. Provide estimates of physical and psychological violence against students, regardless of sex. It is also the objective of this research to contribute to the (SDG), specifically with goal 5.2 of goal 5 on gender equality and empowerment of women, which requires the elimination of all types of violence against women and girls. The sample was made up of 309 secondary school students. The methodology used was under a non-experimental design, basic type and descriptive level. The results showed that in physical violence low level exceeds 92.9% in the students, it can be highlighted that in hand aggression a moderate level is observed at 7.1%, as well as in the indicator consequence of abuse at a moderate level they presented 2.9%. In indicators of psychological violence, a considerable 20.4% in censoring and 16.2% in a climate of fear stood out first, followed by 10.1%, in grievance, emotional distancing 10% and in shouting 9.1%.

Pág 3586-3592, 31 Dec