Elmer Sotelo Anaya

DOI: https://doi.org/10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.4008-4018

Establish the relationship between foreign criminal gangs and drop-by-drop loans. it is related, non-experimental design, correlational level, applied type. The population and the respective sample were represented by 24 specialists in criminal law. 42% of respondents indicated that they totally disagree that foreign criminal gangs are currently being counteracted. Likewise, drop-by-drop loans are a recurring activity carried out by foreign criminal gangs using physical aggression and intimidation when repayment is not evident. 58% of people disagree that loans are currently being reduced drop by drop. We conclude the existence of a considerable positive correlation with respect to the indicated variables (r=0.877** p= 0.000$<$0.05). Establishing as a conclusion that with respect to the alternative hypothesis that indicates that foreign gangs dedicated to crime are significantly related to the drop-by-drop loan, which means that when the number of foreign gangs dedicated to crime increases then Loans will increase drop by drop, which represents an informal type of loan aimed at particular individuals who need a certain amount of money in order to satisfy their urgent consumption requirements. When the lender’s requests are not met, a problematic situation arises in given that criminals apply coercion, extortion and attacks on the life and tranquility of debtors.

Pág 4008-4018, 31 Dec