Luisa Graciela Urure Tejada, Matilde Peña Casa, Danny Dominguez Pillaca

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.3931-3939

The manuscript (article) focuses on the R-Studio software for teaching statistics to university students in Arequipa, highlighting its importance in higher education. It is discussed how university students begin to develop fundamental skills in the analytical competence of statistics. The R-Studio software has transformed the teaching of statistics, since, being free software, it turns out to be novel and very advantageous for students. higher level, especially in engineering science, since it will allow them to learn inferential statistics in a more practical and simple way and solve problems. The article highlights the importance of skill development for the success of statistical analysis. On the other hand, many students have difficulties understanding the complex statistical concepts that are provided in class, also in inferential statistics, which is part of statistics, due to its abstraction, which demands a high level of understanding and logical reasoning skills. The research approach was quantitative, quasi-experimental design applied and is located at the causal explanatory level. A scientific research study and systematic descriptive review of all types of journal articles that are indexed from 2018 to the current year 2023 was carried out on the following search platforms: Scopus, SciElo, Redalyc, Latindex, ProQuest, etc. For this purpose, the descriptors were used: “R Program,” “inferential analysis,” “inferential statistics,” “Complex thinking,” “transformation of teaching for the development of statistical skills,” “Development of critical reflective thinking,” “Development of mathematical thinking” by combining them with each other with the booleans AND and OR. In conclusion, it was determined that the importance of the successful experience in the selection, installation and promotion of the software, together with the preparation of classes focused on statistics, has highlighted the potential and versatility of this programming tool in the disciplines related to Engineering. This shows that we can apply it in any area of the career, taking advantage of packages available on the web for free.

Pág 3931-3939, 31 Dec