Deyvi Jahir Vera Alvarez

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.3822-3831

The objective of this research was to analyze the state policy regarding economic violence against women and members of the family group and its incorporation into article 122-b of the Penal Code; The study demonstrated the basic type – interpretive with a qualitative approach and grounded design, the categories were state policy and the second category was economic violence; The participants were 6 justice operators (2 judges, 2 lawyers and 2 prosecutors). The scenario established for this investigation was in a judicial district in José Leonardo Ortiz. Interviews were used for an in-depth analysis of the categories; the result was that. Peruvian legislation on family violence modified Law No. 30364, covering the type of violence, whether physical violence, sexual violence and psychological violence, adding new types of violence such as economic violence that originates from economic control. that a man has over a woman, limiting her control over her income or her own assets, etc.

Pág 3822-3831, 31 Dec