Carlos Guzmán Huaraca Carhuaricra, Isabel Lorena Li Parra, Edith Arias Ochoa, Karla Benigna Bazán Trujillo, Rossio Encalada Torres, Melina Liliana Chávez Patilongo, Esther Judith Shuan Nivin

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.3832-3840

HFNC is an effective non-invasive therapy with minimal adverse effects for respiratory diseases. Aim. determine the incidence of the use of high-flow nasal cannula CNAF in the Emergency Department, of the pediatric area of the Hospital de Lima Este – Vitarte, 2024. The study is descriptive and prospective with a cohort of pediatric users, the data collected was filled out in the incident registry by the nurses on duty in the topics of topical trauma shock and pediatric observation, for the search and collection of information the following were used: Scopus, WoS, Medline, Scielo, LILACS, Global Health, Embase, and Google Scholar. Due to the nature of the study, 38 patients are considered. It was observed that the majority were men 58%, with 74% having asthma attacks. The results showed improvements in heart and respiratory rate, as well as in the Wood-Downes-Férres score. Some patients required referral to intensive care 24%. The lower incidence of complications such as nasal mucosal lesions 5% was highlighted. HFNC is considered a safe and effective therapy in the management of pediatric respiratory diseases in emergency and critical care settings.

Pág 3832-3840, 31 Dec