Ronald Martin Calderón Cueva, Claudia Rosalía Villón Prieto

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2024/v24cs.136-143

In this study, the objective of identifying the motivational factors that influence the work productivity of workers in San Pedro de Lloc, an organization was found with data to report, it was determined if the motivational factors influence the professional performance of employees, it was determined determined their working conditions, opportunities for improvement and stability, their important perception of the structural features of society, increasing diversity and direction, should have been more flexible and comprehensive, so that counselors must be mediators, facilitators, even instigators of changes or transformations necessary for personal and social and comprehensive development; Its research method is non-experimental, its causal cross-sectional research design, its application method is deductive and inductive, random surveys were carried out in which 49 officials participated; Reliable and duly validated questionnaires were used to collect data, the variables studied and the information was processed through SPSS, with 61% of its workers being of regular levels. Its results, presented in the form of tables and statistics, the conclusions drawn help to develop motivational recommendations, with training programs develop the desire to use scientific methods to generate new knowledge necessary for disturbing changes in the world, finally Identify the main factors that affect the productivity of employees dedicated to meeting the needs of society, employees regularly need to be motivated to do their work.

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