Ruperto Sandoval Damian

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2024/v24cs.151-164

Family violence in general, and economic or patrimonial violence in particular, is a complex human drama that affects women and men, the latter being the ones who remain silent and do not report due to issues of social taboo. In this sense, the reality of family violence requires not only normative – legal forms and formulas; requires the director of the process to focus on the cases to be treated, using various legal and sociocultural approaches, with the firm purpose of systematizing useful criteria for issuing protection measures, and/or sentencing rulings, that protect the victim and perpetrator dyad. , and by extension to their offspring, beyond the circumstances, considering the scenario of the digital government and the three regions of the country, thus leading said rulings to the promotion and experience of the right to human development supported by the peaceful and fair work of the judger.

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