Mónica Jacqueline Malca Marín

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2024/v24cs.171-177

This review analyzes the impact of feedback on the achievement of learning in schoolchildren of the regular basic education stage, especially at the initial and primary education levels, considering that the development of critical thinking is a substantial aspect that should be promoted in educational institutions, with the purpose of strengthening in schoolchildren their processes of understanding and interpretation of the various contents that they receive in the classroom, in order to guarantee in this way a learning that is meaningful and functional. The problem found that gave rise to the study is that in basic education schoolchildren perceive evaluation as a control process, often generating anxiety in them, leaving their role of being motivating, educating and, above all, a reflective process. Within this framework, the concern of knowing the impact that feedback can have arises, a strategy that is an integral part of the formative evaluation and that is oriented to promote reflection in the students with the purpose of becoming managers of their learning and builders. of your knowledge. In this context, the present investigation was born to sensitize teachers about the importance of this strategy and promote a better knowledge of this strategy, as well as increase knowledge about the results that have been obtained, in the various studies carried out.

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