Waldir Milan Espirilla Sicos, David Del Castillo Ruiz Caro, Flabio Romeo Paca Pantigoso

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2024/v24cs.219-223

This research addresses how the open government paradigm, focused on transparency and citizen participation, influences democratic consolidation. Internationally, challenges such as limited citizen participation and a lack of effective channels for citizen involvement are identified. Despite promising initiatives in Europe and Latin America, problems like corruption and the disconnect between rulers and citizens persist. In Peru, despite legislative efforts and action plans, challenges such as insufficient internet infrastructure and issues of inequality in access to information, especially in regions like Cuzco, are faced. The research uses a quantitative and positivist approach to explore the relationship between open government and citizen participation, focusing on aspects such as transparency, accountability, and technology. The results show a significant correlation between a more open government and citizen participation, although they also indicate that other factors influence this dynamic.

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