Leslie Krist Gamboa Domínguez, Flor Fanny Santa Cruz Terán

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2024/v24cs.224-232

Environmental awareness is very essential for people to behave appropriately in order to protect the environment. It is a challenge for the education sector, the interconnection between people, environment, social organization and technology, so it is essential to carry out activities to encourage students to take care of the environment. The aim of this review is to identify and analyse previous studies related to methodological strategies used to promote environmental awareness in basic education students. The methodology of the study is literature review with documentary analysis, based on the search for information carried out through indexed journals such as Scopus, Scielo and Dialnet and with the application of the principles of the PRISMA method. The results show that the strategies used to promote environmental awareness in elementary school students were interdisciplinary learning programs, school environmental clubs, and the use of digital games for conservation and sustainability. Teachers’ pedagogical practices in promoting environmental awareness directly influence how environmental education is addressed in the classroom. It is concluded that the active involvement of students allows fostering their understanding of environmental concepts, the development of practical skills for conservation and sustainability, as well as the emotional connection with the environment.

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