Juana Gissela López Dávila

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2024/v24cs.384-396

The objective of the study was to expose the conceptual and legal scope of crimes against sexual freedom, therefore, from a qualitative approach, a systematic review and analysis of specialized documentary sources at both national and international level was applied. This allows us to conclude that sexual aggression is the tip of the iceberg and the most repudiatory and visible side of a more complex and profound issue, which often nests within the families themselves. In view of this, the State, society and the penitentiary authority face enormous technical and methodological challenges and the strengthening of institutional capacities that make it possible to provide prison reeducation and effective therapeutic treatment to sexual offenders so that these crimes do not continue to increase, become recidivist or go unpunished.

Pág 384-396, 18 En