Xuxy Azucena Tuesta del Aguila

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2024/v24cs.340-345

The human right to decent and adequate housing is recognized by international instruments, which have been ratified through treaties, however, in Peru, it is not contemplated as a fundamental right in the supreme norm; In this sense, its recognition in national legislation is necessary for the exercise and development of a dignified life. In this sense, the present systematic review seeks to make a systematic identification and examination of the best scientific evidence that we can find available regarding the human right subject of analysis, for this purpose we use the SCOPUS search and data server, executing the search of the terms “right to housing”, “dignified housing”, “adequate housing”, “public policies” and “housing policy”, discarding articles that are not in Spanish whose publication dates from years prior to 2017, and those whose download differ from free from the SCOPUS database.

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