Lizeth Paola Vilchez Valdivia, Guina Marcela Recalde Carranza, Mónica Ysabel Ortega Cabrejos

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2024/v24cs.496-503

The research aimed primarily at formulating a comprehensive model of human talent management designed to support the pedagogical efforts of teachers in an educational institution located in Chiclayo. The methodology involved a representative sample of 41 teachers, who actively participated through the application of a meticulous data collection instrument. Methodologically, the study adopted a quantitative, descriptive-propositional approach, characterized by a non-experimental design. This methodological choice facilitated obtaining a comprehensive diagnosis regarding pedagogical support. Through the review and analysis of relevant theoretical studies, a robust proposal was constructed to address the identified areas of difficulty. The diagnostic results revealed that a significant 91.05% of the teacher population faces challenges in the realm of pedagogical support, predominantly falling into the low and medium levels. Consequently, this situation directly impacts teaching performance, emphasizing the urgency of effective interventions. As a conclusion drawn from these findings, the vital importance of commitment and effort on the part of teachers and administrators for the successful implementation of the proposed model is underscored. This active and dedicated participation is identified as a crucial element in addressing and overcoming the identified challenges, thus promoting a more effective educational environment focused on professional growth.

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