Yvette Graice Lingán Cano, Alberto Bueno Ramón Osorio, Carmen Pilar Flores Yallico, Gennma Lucila Flores Yallico, John Carlos Capcha Cóndor

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2024/v24cs.722-729

The assessment of citizen satisfaction regarding public services is a critical focus in global public administration research. This study aimed to review the literature on citizen satisfaction in public services in Peru. A total of 22 articles indexed in Scopus and SciELO over the last five years were analyzed. The results revealed a series of studies that were grouped as follows: public libraries, police security, public health, and public education. The role of local governments in ensuring quality through investment and proper management was highlighted, as well as the significance of resources and strategies in policing, empathy and safety in healthcare, and quality teaching in education. It was concluded that public services in Peru still exhibit many deficiencies that need to be addressed through the identification of indicators affecting the quality of citizen care and subsequently influencing their satisfaction, along with the implementation of appropriate plans and strategies for service improvement.

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