Gennma Lucila Flores Yallico, Luis Alberto Santos Álvarez, Carmen Pilar Flores Yallico, John Carlos Capcha Cóndor, Yvette Graice Lingán Cano

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2024/v24cs.714-721

Hospital malnutrition is a widely recognized problem in the world, where the patient loses nutrients, complicates the disease and may die. This descriptive study conducted a systematic review of 40 scientific articles with the aim of exposing the risk factors related to hospital malnutrition and mortality. It was found that hospital malnutrition is influenced by biological factors, such as age and individual characteristics, and by physical indicators such as short stature, weight loss and adiposity. The social and economic context also plays an important role in hindering access to adequate food. In addition, depression and adverse emotional conditions increase the risk of malnutrition. It is essential to address nutrition during hospitalization to prevent complications and reduce associated costs.

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