Robin Edgardo Ykehara Huamani, Luisa Amparo Yataco Bernaola de Ykehara

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2024/v24cs.699-705

The main objective of this article was to evaluate the impact of human talent management on the quality of health services. For this purpose, a qualitative approach was used, where XX documents indexed in databases such as Scopus, Scielo and ProQuest were reviewed. The research technique used was documentary analysis. The results highlighted that the health sector, management faces different obstacles ranging from staff retention to staff training, labor demotivation, etc. Some management strategies are also mentioned, highlighting key points such as staff recognition and professional development. Finally, the influence of human talent management on the quality of healthcare services was evaluated. It is concluded that strategic talent management goes beyond selection and training; and that it implies valuing the participation of personnel who have a direct influence on the quality of the service, underlining the need to invest in human talent management as a key factor for institutional success.

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