Jesús Antonio Villanueva Javes, Walter Esteban Janampa Castillo, Aníbal Teobaldo Vergara Vásquez, Hector Israel Velasquez Cueva, Giovana Teodolinda De La Rosa Condormango, Enma Elizabeth Juárez Orellana

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2024/v24cs.790-813

The objective of the present study was to know irrational beliefs in violent behaviors of adolescent couples. The research was qualitative, the PRISMA method was used. The issue of violence against women is essential to address given the interest in understanding, knowing, clarifying and correcting prejudices and misconceptions about women and their feelings, thoughts and suffering from violence; At same time, raising awareness and creating awareness, generating preventive and corrective participation that provides the possibility of facing this type of social problem that directly affects women. Finally, it is concluded that it is important to emphasize that ignorance of these processes and their effects makes inappropriate treatments possible for attacked women, who are referred to as masochists, disturbed or hysterical who like physical abuse.

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