José Luis Bobadilla Quinteros, José Jorge Rodriguez Figueroa, Anthony Gensollen Queens, Jorge Luis Seminario Carbonel

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2024/v24cs.814-819

This study focuses on analyzing and suggesting improvements for the administrative processes of public universities in Peru, with a particular emphasis on document management. The central objective is to integrate methods that increase efficiency, modernize processes, and satisfactorily meet the needs of the university community. Methodologically, the research adopted a qualitative and descriptive-explanatory approach, grounded in theory. A comprehensive analysis of the literature available in recognized databases and digital repositories was conducted, including documentary reviews, interviews, field surveys, and a detailed analysis of administrative statistics. Among the main findings, the importance of process management is highlighted, considered essential for efficient resource use and effective quality supervision. The study’s conclusions indicate an urgent need to implement effective automation and digital technology in the management of documentary procedures. The importance of continuous analysis, improvements, and expert training in strategic document processing procedures is emphasized, as well as effective monitoring to meet the expectations of the university community. Furthermore, the relevance of knowledge management, supported by the theory of foresight, is highlighted as a key factor in improving document management.

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