Neciosup Montenegro Judith Amparo, Flores Mino José Baltazar

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2024/v24cs.825-832

The article aims to determine the influence and importance of gated communities as strategies for new urban structures, and their social influence that is presented in them. A methodology is proposed based on consultation of bibliographic information from Scielo, Scopus, Dialnet and university repositories at a national and international level. The study approach is qualitative, descriptive and non-experimental. To achieve the objective, the articles that are in accordance with the variables are included, applying these concepts and cases that are presented in Latin America, applying the typologies of gated communities in the district of Pimentel, province of Chiclayo, department of Lambayeque. As a result, it was contrasted with other research, concluding that the type of closed urban facilities has generated great impact in the different cities of Latin America, and influences the social, economic, political and territorial aspects of the actors that inhabit them.

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