Quetty Rosario Torres Diaz, Bertila Hernández Fernández

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2024/v24cs.962-971

The main purpose of the research was the formulation of a model of the Quizizz educational software aimed at optimizing the formative evaluation of primary school teachers in a Public Educational Institution located in Chiclayo. In the methodology used, the study was basic in nature, adopting a non-experimental design, quantitative approach, descriptive and propositional in nature. The sample was made up of 30 teachers, who participated in a survey with the questionnaire applied as a data collection instrument with which the problem was identified and facilitated obtaining an exhaustive diagnosis in relation to formative evaluation. SPSS V26 software was used for information analysis, followed by a proposal being constructed through the review and analysis of relevant theoretical studies. The results of the diagnosis indicated that 50% of the teachers in the sample were at a low level. Likewise, 43.33% at a medium level. Finally, only 6.67% at a high level. This finding reveals that the majority of teachers do not conduct adequate formative assessment, and only a small percentage do so appropriately. In conclusion, the successful implementation of the proposed proposal is strongly influenced by the commitment and dedication of teachers and administrators. Their active participation not only addresses the identified problems and challenges in quality education, but also promotes an innovative and more effective educational environment, focused on professional pedagogical growth. This deeper involvement lays the foundation for sustainable and ambitious educational goals.

Pág 962-971, 04 Feb