Alicia Verónica Escajadillo Pilco, Liliana Francesca Escajadillo Pilco

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2024/v24cs.1029-1035

Local governance requires the commitment of political and social actors and citizen participation, which is why proper management by the authorities is key for the municipal budget to be used for the benefit of its inhabitants. The objective of this article was to identify and analyze theories and research on the municipal management of participatory budgeting in Peru and the promotion of the participation of children and adolescents. The methodology used was a review of the scientific literature, it is a basic non-experimental study with a descriptive design. The results obtained show that the type of democratic and inclusive management exercised by the mayor and officials has an impact on the effectiveness of participatory budgeting, in addition to favoring the participation and exercise of citizenship by children in the development of public policies in favor of minors.

Pág 1029-1035, 08 Feb