Nilda Rosa Barrutia Montoya, Christel Lucero Choque Yarasca, Rosa Elvira Villanueva Figueroa

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2024/v24cs.1097-1108

The tourism experience has become a very fruitful and promising field in the spectrum of current tourism studies. Despite the novelty, the existing studies that would allow its use are still scarce. Has been the motivation to carry out a review of the academic production existing in networks, mainly considering publications of specialized tourism magazines in countries as diverse as Brazil, Finland, Norway. , Croatia, Indonesia, Italy, etc., from 2017 to 2021, although in previous periods, the tourist experience is already analyzed but on a much smaller scale and without the obvious considerations of the vertiginous incorporation of the now omnipresent technological component. The development scheme adopted for this research is that of a descriptive systematic bibliographic review, taking as a reference 59 articles, of which, after debugging, the remaining 50. Among the results achieved, the most investigated topics in relation to the Design of tourist experiences stand out: immersive Technologies and ET design and Analysis Studies of the tourist experience, which is explained by being a topic that is in full exploration and to which with the passage of time new applications are found.

Pág 1097-1108, 15 Feb