Manuel Roberto Quevedo Zamora, Magdalena Sofía Cáceres Mendoza

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2024/v24cs.1126-1132

It is necessary to be digitally competent because new digital media are applied to modes of production and also because their ubiquity profoundly transforms everyday life, to extent that they help citizens create new environments. Objective of this research was to conduct a review of literature published in the period 2018-2023 on Digital Literacy in Higher Education in Latin America. Methodology used was the systematic review of scientific literature related to Digital Literacy in Higher Education in Latin America in databases Scopus, Web of Sciences, Scielo and Latindex. Prisma guide was applied for selection of studies and Strobe to evaluate the editorial and methodological quality. At initial search, 2,450 scientific articles were identified, of which 397 were screened included Digital Literacy in Higher Education in title or abstract, based on the application of inclusion and exclusion criteria, 12 scientific publications were meta-analyzed. Majority of studies (91.66%) were published between the years 2018-2021, published mainly in Colombia (16.66%), Ecuador (16.66%) and Cuba (16.66%), and the rest in countries such as Costa Rica (8.33\%), Mexico (8.33%), Spain (8.33%), Brazil (8.33%), Bolivia (8.33%) and Peru (8.33%).

Pág 1126-1132, 15 Feb