Marcos Antonio Cusma Saldaña

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2024/v24cs.1082-1088

The present research arose from the need to know if secondary school teachers provided feedback to their students after reviewing their evaluations or other academic products, in order to contribute to the development of their autonomy. The approach used was quantitative, of a basic non-experimental type and with a descriptive propositional design. A questionnaire was applied to 82 Fifth Grade students, finding that 52.4% did not receive strategies from their teachers to improve their learning and did not have spaces for dialogue to reflect and identify their strengths and weaknesses that would allow them to manage their self-learning and therefore their autonomy. It was also found that parents did not provide them with the corresponding support and motivation to improve their learning and that they rarely identified with their affective needs. It was concluded that there is an urgent need to sensitize teachers and families to implement feedback and support strategies in each of the households.

Pág 1082-1088, 15 Feb