Jorge Alberto Flores Morales, Lidia Neyra Huamani

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2024/v24cs.1235-1241

The article aims to reflect on bullying and the moral disconnection of bullies. The term “moral disconnection” is the proposal of Albert Bandura, which refers to the cognitive, affective, and attitudinal processes that affect the personal judgment about reality, distorting it and justifying wrongdoing as legitimate. Likewise, the perpetrators do not recognize the intimidating and aggressive behavior that they exert on their victims, considering it as just another game between classmates or as part of the academic environment to which one must get used to. For this reason, the moral demarcation of these behaviors by those who carry out bullying must be avoided, since it is not a behavior favored by circumstances, but rather this aggressive behavior has been formed from an early age.

Pág 1235-1241, 27 Feb