Juana Victoria Bustinza Vargas, Soledad Jackeline Zegarra Ugarte, Lacuta Sapacayo Lourdes, Lizbet Choquejahua Olivera

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2024/v24cs.1203-1214

The objective of this research was to explain the influence of social protests on the violation of the Human Rights of the students of the National University of the Altiplano Puno 2023; whose methodology is the quantitative approach of basic theoretical type, the design was non-experimental; whose sample is 173 university students from the Faculty of Social Work, and whose result is that social protests negatively influence the violation of Human Rights of students of the National University of the Altiplano Puno 2023. Concluding that the protests University students had participation in different types of protests, the main one being mobilizations, whose main cause has been evidenced in the non-concordance and disagreement with the current government in which they were victims of acts of repression and therefore frequently existing the violation of human rights.

Pág 1203-1214, 27 Feb