Oscar J. Jimenez Flores, Juan U. Jimenez Castilla, Victor J. Jimenez Flores, Yoselin V. Gutierrez Rojas, Carla S. Nuñez Melgar Arias, Juan C. Jimenez Flores

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2024/v24cs.1194-1202

The integration of knowledge management (KM) into organizational development (OD) is considered an essential resource to strengthen business activities and gain recognition in the academic sphere. This study aimed to analyze the relationship between KM and OD, focusing on the university context. The sample consisted of 625 professionals in university management from five Peruvian universities, selected for convenience due to population homogeneity. Pearson and regression analyses were employed to evaluate this relationship, revealing a significant connection between KM components and key aspects of OD validated in the structural model. The analysis highlighted the crucial importance of KM components such as knowledge creation, exchange, storage, application, and acquisition for effectively achieving OD objectives. These findings not only provide a deeper understanding of the interconnection between KM and OD in university management but also suggest possible strategies for implementing KM practices aligned with university OD goals.

Pág 1194-1202, 27 Feb