Lida Vásquez Pajuelo, Ida Nelly Vera Veliz, Jhonny Richard Rodriguez Barboza, Karina Raquel Bartra Rivero, Eduardo Francisco Chavarri Joo, Nancy Mariella Mendoza Vásquez

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2024/v24cs.1364-1373

This study addresses the growing issue of suspended surgeries at the National Hospital of Cono Norte in Lima, Peru, analyzing its causes and proposing comprehensive solutions to improve patient satisfaction and hospital efficiency. The research, with a quantitative and descriptive approach, focused on the period from 2021 to 2023, during which a significant increase in surgical suspensions was observed, mainly attributable to administrative deficiencies, lack of supplies, and inadequate emergency management. The discussion highlights the importance of effective communication and the adaptation of hospital processes to the specific needs of the work area, underlining the impact of suspensions not only in operational terms but also on the emotional and economic well-being of patients and families. The study concludes that, through the implementation of an improvement program focused on patients, staff, and hospital infrastructure, along with technological modernization and the establishment of rigorous postoperative controls, it is possible to significantly reduce the rates of surgery suspension and, in turn, improve patient satisfaction in Lima, Peru. The research emphasizes the need for the renovation and construction of hospital infrastructures that adapt to demographic growth and the demands of quality medical care.

Pág 1364-1373, 06 Mar