Jaime Marxelio Florian Ángeles

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2024/v24cs.1374-1381

In Latin America there are mixed health systems that lead to being segmented and fragmented with all the burden of inequity and inequality that these can entail. The objetive of the review research is to analyze the articles on the various health systems of Latin American countries. The methodology used es a detalled and systematic review of the literature. The analysis of the research shows that most of the articles on the subject are systematic reviews, it was also found that Latin American countries have mixed health systems with the participation of the state and the private sector on the other hand, they describe the behavior of the system in each country of the region and its problems, but at the same time show alternative solutions. The conclusions of this article indicate that in Latin America the health systems present actors from the private part and from the public part, the latter is disintegrated where each one of them with its own financing causing inequality in the quality of care. Alternatives are proposed to improve the situation as new actors or be ton primary care.

Pág 1374-1381, 08 Mar