Luis Junior Mendoza Limaymanta

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2024/v24cs.1455-1469

The justification of this article focuses on the need to warn of discretionary procedures in promotions to general officers of the Peruvian police in order to avoid continuing to transgress the right to equality, allowing applicant officers to participate with the same opportunities. For this reason, the objective is to determine how the application of the constitutional principle of good administration affects the delimitation of discretion in promotions to general officers of the National Police of Peru. An original design was used with a basic qualitative approach with an inductive method and a descriptive level, resulting in the proposal to modify Law No. 31873, based on the application of the principles of good administration, in strict correctness and Transparency allows us to delimit the discretion of the police authority. Finally, it is concluded that the principle of good administration of constitutional roots allows establishing objective criteria in the evaluations carried out by the corporation of generals and by the selector board in the process of promotion to general officer of the National Police of Peru.

Pág 1455-1469, 12 Mar