Jorge Pablo Aguilar Zavaleta

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2024/v24cs.1470-1479

Building information modeling (BIM) has proven to be a valuable tool in the construction industry, however, Building Information Modeling (BIM) methodology has gained popularity throughout the world due to the benefits it offers in terms of efficiency, quality and improvement in the life cycle of a construction project. However, its adoption has not been as fast or easy for all construction companies, especially in developing countries like Peru. This article will explore the specific difficulties that Peruvian construction companies face when trying to implement BIM in their projects, thereby generating a social impact. The BIM system in Peru is new, which is why the majority of construction companies and their technicians are still more than 65% unaware of the concept and implementation of BIM. This article aims to know the real difficulties in providing alternatives with a view to to be mandatory in 2030.

Pág 1470-1479, 15 Mar