Jaime Aucca Marin, Judith Atajo Choquehuanca, Sofía Visa Quispe, Flor Quispe Quispe

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2024/v24cs.1530-1537

The article aims to explore why human talent management is important in higher education and its impact on teaching performance. Methodologically, it is based on the review of existing literature and research, challenges and strategies for effective talent management, thus leading to an analysis of the topic in daily work. Concluding the article, that, for the appropriate implementation of human talent management, it is crucial to have adequate resources, both economic and technological, to carry out effective human resource policies and practices, because it becomes increasingly significant as it changes, which is why it is necessary to continue investing in capacity building, retention of highly qualified and motivated teachers and the professional development of teachers, as well as the acquisition of technologies for better management of human resources.

Pág 1530-1537, 15 Mar