Laura Reynaga Rivas, Patricia Mónica Bejarano Álvarez, Edgar Quispe Vargas

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2024/v24cs.1751-1756

This review article was carried out with the objective of analyzing and identifying the educational, didactic resources used by teachers in the educational process at present, this study demonstrates the necessity and value of the application of didactic resources in said process, in where it is identified that the teacher has always used various didactic resources in order to seek meaningful learning and for the lives of their students, it is so that currently due to the great advancement of technology they have had to adapt in an accelerated, abrupt manner. to the use and management of these resources in order to fulfill its role as learning mediator using these tools and resources, and in this way face the challenges and permanent changes, the resources most used by educational agents, their advantages and disadvantages, are also detailed. In the same way, the importance of digital literacy, virtual communities, plat virtual forms for an adequate development of digital skills, on the other hand the existing digital gaps that do not allow all students to benefit from these resources, as is the case of students from rural areas and with low economic resources, as well as healthy practices for the good use of technology.

Pág 1751-1756, 31 Mar