Eddie Teodoro Guerra Gómez, Angel Fernández Cuadros, Katherine Julia Fuentes Torres, Soledad Deisi Rojas Castro

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2024/v24cs.1783-1799

The objective of this article was to describe the influence of transformational leadership on the internal control of the servers of a military institution in the Lima region, 2023. The study had a quantitative approach, applied type, non-experimental design whose technique was the survey and the instrument was the questionnaires. The population was 206 servants, between military and civilian personnel, being the sample 134 individuals who responded to the research objectives. The descriptive results of the perception of transformational leadership and internal control were 41% and 70,1% respectively, both at a medium level. Regarding the inferential results, according to Nagelkerke’s Pseudo R2 coefficient = 0,014 (1,4%), it is shown that transformational leadership has no relationship with internal control; likewise, there is no significant influence with the dimensions of control environment (0,2%), risk assessment (0,2%), control activities (4,5%), information – communication (2,3%), as well as supervision (2,7%), of the servants of a military institution in the Lima region, 2023.

Pág 1783-1799, 08 Abr