Edward Richard Tomy López, Orlando Alarcón Díaz, Fatima Dolores Barcia Fierro, José Aldany Calle Loor, Rosa Araceli Loor Zambrano

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2024/v24cs.1822-1828

The objective of this article was to carry out an exhaustive evaluation of organizational commitment in public entities through a review of the literature. A documentary bibliographic methodology was used to collect relevant data and analyze relevant conceptual judgments related to the topic. The review was carried out through a critical analysis of several publications in scientific journals indexed in the Scopus and Scielo databases, known for their impact on the global scientific community. The study contributed to the identification of the influence of the factors involved and their relevance on the progress of the institution. The results offered a perspective on the degree of organization of the existing publications on this topic in the aforementioned databases.

Pág 1822-1828, 08 Abr