Domitila Domínguez Aguilar

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2024/v24cs.1897-1907

In recent years, education has undergone various transformations to respond to the requirements of society. Therefore, Project Based Learning (PBL) emerges as an innovative methodological tool that allows the development of entrepreneurship skills using Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) as a technological resource. The objective is to analyze the scientific production on PBL trends for entrepreneurship integrating ICT. The bibliometric analysis technique was used to collect information, compiling articles published in the Scopus database in the period from 2000 to 2023, visualization tools were used to graphically represent the evolution of the field study. 272 various documents on the subject under study were analyzed. Among the results, it was indicated that the countries that study the topic the most are the United States, the United Kingdom and Spain, as well as the authors with the most publications and citations presenting research in social sciences, administration and business. It is concluded that according to the evidence, PBL helps to improve the training process, strengthening entrepreneurship skills through the use of technological tools, where teachers and students must rely on new challenges.

Pág 1897-1907, 02 May