Bonilla Mercado Luis Manuel, Bonilla Valera Suzanne Elizabeth, Araujo Coronel Fernando Robert, Gamarra Carrasco Ana Janette, Villanueva Jesús Antonio, Vergara Vásquez Aníbal Teobaldo

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2024/v24cs.1944-1950

Understanding ethics is crucial when examining difference between ethics and morals from perspective of college students. Ethics can be defined as a set of principles guide conduct of individuals and groups, particularly in situations in which they must make decisions that involve moral dilemmas. In contrast, morality refers to beliefs and values that individuals have about what is right and wrong, right and wrong. The evolution of ethical and moral concepts over time has been influenced by several factors, including philosophical advances, religious beliefs, and cultural changes. It is concluded ethics and morality are complex concepts have evolved over time and are shaped by various factors such as culture, religion and personal experiences. University education plays a vital role in promoting ethical and moral awareness among students by exposing them to diverse perspectives and challenging them to think critically about ethical dilemmas.

Pág 1944-1950, 02 May