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Where is this journal indexed?
Articles in the Revista de Climatología can be found on the Internet through the usual search methods, general or academic (such as Google Scholar), and are also indexed in EBSCO, CNKI and DOAJ. However, the journal as such is NOT currently indexed in the impact index lists produced by some companies related to scientific publishing, although we do not rule out that it will be in the future.
I put a link to a published article and now it doesn't work!

Since we do not yet have a budget or sponsorship on this project, the location of published articles may vary over time. Therefore, it is more advisable to link on the base page, where the links are kept up to date.

How can I collaborate with this project?

In the first place, considering the possibility of sending your original climatological works to this magazine, and / or making it known. For closer collaboration, you can join the editorial board.



The Revista de Climatología (ISSN 1578-8768) is an independent, international and free scientific journal (for readers and authors).

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Revista de Climatología (ISSN 1578-8768), born in 2001 as an independent and free scientific journal, aimed at disseminating work on Climatology as an interdisciplinary science.