Juana Isabel Narumi Guerra Sialer , Karina Del Milagro Paiva Jurupe , Jesús Martín Casas Montenegro, Lucy Reineria Rodas Torres.

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.465-471

The present bibliographic review study wishes to provide a systematic review of the literature regarding formative evaluation and the great challenge that arises in initial education, demonstrating the importance of providing comprehensive education to all children. The analysis of the study carried out according to the perception of various authors reveals that the formative evaluation corresponds to a systematic, organizational, reflective and feedback procedure that teachers must always consider throughout the process of teaching students and in their respective learning. During the preparation of the work, the bibliographical research methodology was used, with which an analysis was carried out on more than 30 articles from journals indexed to the SCOPUS and SCIELO databases, which are related to this evaluation model that tends to assess student performance throughout the learning process. Likewise, during the teaching process, the existence of feedback is emphasized as a component that strengthens learning and enriches the teacher-student interactive connection, promoting a good climate in the students’ learning performance.

Pág 465-71, 02 Jun