Diana Dueñas Vallejo

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.694-703

The COVID 19 pandemic in our country has transformed the way of life of Peruvians, with the educational system being one of those affected, providing distance learning; Thus, Higher Education in Ayacucho, through the use of technological tools, will provide non-face-to-face classes; the method to be used is documentary research, the selection and classification of information will be through the processes of analysis and synthesis and the use of inclusion and exclusion criteria for sources that are not relevant. Result: the implementation in the virtual field of the pedagogical technique focused on the construction of reasoning by the student, seeks to develop the same reasoning, which allows him to achieve learning, innovating new activities that provide him with the assimilation of new knowledge. Concluding, that the didactic strategies are essential during the development of the knowledge of the student, where teachers have to find the means and ways to reach and be captured by the students.

Pág 694-703, 17 Jun